Good looks are never enough.

There’s that ideology that we let good looking people get away with things, no matter the crime or sin.

Like that man whose mug shot went viral for looking too model-esque and for having strikingly light eyes. That post came out a year or two ago. Last month, he’s out of the slammer and he’s booked a job in the iconic fashion week.

He’s surrounded by hundreds of models, influential forces, beautiful clothes, money and opportunities.

Most men don’t even get the opportunity to work for McDonalds if they have a misdemeanor.

And yet this one man gets the pass because he’s good looking.

How about Christian Grey? Fictional character or not, no matter how incredulous his sexual proclivities are, his good looks and money made him attractive.

Now if this was an average man in the middle to lower class, the sex appeal would surely be lacking.

Of course this doesn’t only just apply to men. Women too.

I’ve seen many guys fall to the whims of an attractive woman. Even when she’s being a pain, she still gets a pass.

But sometimes, looks aren’t enough to compensate for in the end if you have a shitty personality.

Take it from the person who wasted their time chatting up a gorgeous guy who ended up being islamaphobic, has an interest in rough and questionable sexual proclivities, Donald trumps and doesn’t mind cheating on current girlfriend.