You simply just cannot shut up.

When your mind is going 120 mph, it’s almost seemingly impossible to filter out any unintelligible phrases.

In fact, it’s what only seems to come out from time to time.

Word vomit, they called it in the film Mean Girls.

It’s not that my words aren’t intelligible. I’m not spewing out Jar Jar Bink’s native language; BB8’s or R2D2. If any, they’re much more quick-witted than I am.

Which is pathetic because anyone outside of a Star Wars movie can’t understand them, yet they seem to say much more time-worthy stuff.

My words just come out insensitive and brash. Dramatic even.

And it sucks.

5 minutes later and I’m regretting every fiber of my being. My mind works faster than my mouth. Anything good or insightful seems to hold itself in while the other waste is ejected at the worst times.

But, I’m learning to control said word vomit.

Unless I’m in a situation where savagery is welcomed.

It’s hard though, let me tell you. It’s hard when you try to analyze every single sentence you want to say, and by the time you deem it insightful enough, the opportunity of voicing your thoughts is gone.


I envy those who are much more quick-witted than I am. I’m like an AOL dial-up, a computer with 100 mb of memory left, or worst: Internet Explorer.

It really is quite unfortunate when you simply just cannot shut up.


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