a user-friendly introduction to Mastodon

basics of Mastodon

  1. it has a 500-character limit
  2. it’s not controlled by a for-profit company
  3. anybody can run their own version of it, and still talk to everyone else


step back: it’s the fediverse

  1. talk to
  2. e.g. protonmail.com, the bit after the @ symbol
  3. send to the right place
  4. the bit before the @ symbol
  5. internet address, or url
  6. unless your government blocks them
  7. a website that is Mastodon
  8. Mastodon is a part of this federation, as is any social website that federates with other social websites
  9. federated social web
  10. see recent hashtag #GetOnMyLawn



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rowan lupton

rowan lupton

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