Dr. Rowan Molnar Has Years of Experience as a Medical Professional

Dr. Rowan Molnar has comprehensive experience as a medical professional based in Australia. He is a lecturer at Harvard Macy’s program on “Leading Innovations in Healthcare and Education” in Boston and the Staff Specialist anaesthetist at Launceston General Hospital. He is a recognised leader with a demonstrated ability to constantly strive for excellence in the ever-changing world of medicine. He has been associated with numerous medical societies for many years.

These include Australian Society of Anaesthetists, Australian Medical Association, International Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Society for Education in Anaesthesia, American Society of Anaesthesiologists, Association for Study of Medical Education, and Australian Institute of Company Directors (AIDC).

Dr. Rowan Rustem Molnar is also an author who has written a wide range of articles on diverse medical areas. He has several publications in various popular global medical journals. He recently released his new book, Creative Disruption in Medical & Healthcare. His main motive behind writing this book was to help individuals, healthcare specialists, physicians, and medical groups gain knowledge of different medical practices and approaches. The book is available on Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, and Kindle.

Dr. Rowan Molnar also published many online articles and being featured in ABC News. One of the articles published on his LinkedIn site was titled, “Robotic arm that could give amputees the sensation of touch being tested in Melbourne.” The research behind sending signals from a robotic arm and to the brain, to give the sensation of touch, has been ongoing for several years. It is a joint-project between St Vincent’s Hospital’s Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery and Melbourne University. Researchers are working on the processes on how the brain reads and interprets signals, and are hoping to achieve amazing new developments in prosthetic limbs soon.

Dr. Rowan Molnar has working knowledge and experience in anaesthesia, clinical surgery, orthopaedic surgery, tumour, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. He is an organized professional with exceptional communication and team management skills. He has worked as the Teacher of Simulation in various esteemed positions.

He has handled numerous operations to the best of his abilities. His responsibilities have included management of anaesthesia crises course — St. Vincent’s Education Centre, Anaesthesia Crisis Resource Management Course — at St. Vincent’s Hospital all consultants and trainees in anaesthesia are given training every second week, ANZCA Simulation Course Instructor and Convenor — Annual Scientific Meeting 2007 Melbourne, and ANZCA Simulation Course Instructor and Convenor — Annual Scientific Meeting 2011 Hong Kong.