I hate hate hate what the Russians and their pro-Assad allies are doing to the citizens of Aleppo but I am aghast at our own hypocrisy -when it suited us/US we took part in bombing and blast in Iraq that (according to the Watson Institute) cost no less than 165,000 Iraqi civilians (the Watson Institute notes the real figure would be higher) -Russia and the US and UK had the best relations they had enjoyed for 100 years at the time but this war re-began a political conflict as Russia opposed the Iraq war strongly. Indeed as Alexei Tsipko a Russian political analyst pointed out , this disagreement brought about a “public demand that Russia regain our great-power status”…we ignored Russian opposition and they are now ignoring ours …we cant do something terrible, ignore their opposition and then expect them to listen to our sententious ranting when they do exactly the thing….so what’s the answer ? Be honest about what we did and the failure of it, dont consider threatening Russia militarily-it simply doesn’t work, a part of them loves it, their identity is built on a pride that will frankly outlast our gentler ways, find a way to work with them and protect civilians .