I Stand with the Dreamers

I was 11 years old when my parents divorced and my mother moved me and my 9-year old brother from Canada to Los Angeles. She was a free spirit, and neglected to get visas for herself or for us. She found us a school (of sorts), and she got herself a job right away. She met and married my stepfather, an American citizen, when I was 14.

At 16, I visited Mexico. When I returned to the U.S., I was detained at the border. At the time, I had no legal right to be in the U.S. I was a high school student and until then I had no clue that I had been living here without the right documentation.

We spent the next two years dealing with the INS under threat of deportation, until we were able to obtain green cards. I still remember how scared I was, and how, if not for the understanding and hard work of others, I might not have been able to stay in the country I knew as home.

I went on to become an American citizen. I swore to protect this great country, which has given me and countless others an opportunity to create a rich and fulfilling life. I am still committed to protecting the path to citizenship for others.

I was a dreamer, and I stand with the dreamers.

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