Stop Lying About What Is Happening at #NoDAPL

STOP the lie. POLICE started fires at the occupied #NoDAPL standoff — NOT the Water Protectors. Fires were started by tear gas canisters. Water cannons were used — repeatedly — against the Protectors. The Police were NOT putting out fires. They did a full assault in the middle of the night against the Protectors blocking the bridge.

WaterProtectors at the bridge last night with shield for the rubbler bullet rounds that the Police keep firing at them

I am tremendously angry at the propaganda that is being spread about what is happening on the front lines of the struggle to protect sacred land and the water supply in Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

Last night, in below freezing temperatures, the police attacked the Water Protectors occupying the bridge. The police shot numerous tear gas canisters and a barrage rubber bullets at the Protectors, and then started hitting them with water cannons. Yes. The police were firing water cannons at people, totally soaking them, in temperatures reported to be about 22o F.

It is being reported that the Protectors started fires and that the water cannons were brought out to put out the fires. THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE.

What did happen was that the tear gas canisters were starting fires and that the Protectors were trying to put out those fires with everything they had to hand — including trying to smother the fires with their own clothes.

There is DOCUMENTATION that this is the truth rather than the lie that ALL MSM media — including NPR — is putting out. Thanks to Unicorn Riot whose volunteers are on the ground with the WaterProtectors, you could watch IN REAL TIME, exactly what was going on. Unicorn Riot has been live streaming at the front lines since October, and I encourage everyone to chip in to support them. Last night the feed went down because they had expended their bandwidth.

The Water Protectors need our support as well and you may do that in a variety of ways. Please check at the official site Sacred Stone Camp.