Serverless Days Milan 2018

ServerlessDays Milan is a developer-oriented conference about serverless technologies. This was my first visit to Milan and was so excited to speak at the conference.

Speaker’s Wall

As this was my first time in Milan, I was really excited to speak and meet my fellow speakers at the conference. Meanwhile, I had enough time to explore Milan streets and indeed it was very beautiful in the fog.

Having a coffee and give your talk, what else you want! More than me I guess the audience was really pumped after a coffee break.

It was full house in the morning and all the speakers, attendees and organizers were excited to kick start the day.

As I have mentioned a couple of times in my recent talks that Serverless is a new cloud computing trend that changes the way you think about writing and maintaining applications.

But my idea is that at least participants go from here knowing two basic things;

  • What is serverless?
  • Why serverless?

Before moving ahead I gave a quick overview of the Authentication and Authorization about being two different processes. Because there is where many people get confused.

And later talked about JWT and why JWT is popular these days a lot. To explain how JWT work, I’ve initiated with an abstract definition.

A JSON Web Token (JWT) is a JSON object that is defined in RFC 7519 as a safe way to represent a set of information between two parties. The token is composed of a header, a payload, and a signature.

When should you use JSON Web Tokens?

Authentication is the most common scenario for using JWT and other is when you transmitting information securely between parties.

For instance; Single Sign-On is a feature that widely uses JWT nowadays, because of its small overhead and its ability to be easily used across different domains.

It’s time to create a JWT on our own and check how it looks. You can see recommended libraries for JWT creation and verification on

A small demo that helps participants to clearly understand the 3 parts of JWT separated by (.) dots. As we know, the first two parts are base64 encoded, we should be able to see the content in it. For that, let’s go to a website that decodes JWT. 😎

Focus on code, not servers.
Focus on code, not servers.

Focus on code, not servers.

This my favorite quote from the auth0 blog which inspired me, so I can’t resist myself to include here. :-D

Auth0 makes your life easy by offering an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to start adding authentication to your applications. It does not matter what application or stack you’re using.

For me, feedback is just another word for effective listening & a way to keep learning.
Best Speaker Badge :)

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” — Helen Keller
Dedicating this quote to the @ServerlessMIL team!

You can check out my talk:

What Next?

  1. Speaking at AllThingsOpen 2018 in the US.
  2. Speaking at Mozilla Festival 2018 in London, UK.
  3. Speaking at OpenAlt 2018 at Brno, Czech Republic.

Feel free to ping me anytime on telegram or twitter and I’m happy to chat with you.

Hope you enjoyed my blog! 🙂

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