Notes from The Business of Social Media by Jay Baer

New does not necessarily mean better. Social media is a tool to help achieve a strategy. Focused more on being social than on social media. Figure out what tools and topics.

Facebook and email has to be friends they need to work together in an complementary fashion. Rumors says that facebook is going to kill email, that is not true. Since to be in facebook you have to have your email.(58% of adults in US check email first thing in the to get more customers)

Another Rumor says that we need facebook to have more customers (44% of corporate social marketers look at facebook as a way to get new customers)

In reality we like what we like…. accidental marketer, its like a ripple in a pond happen.. 84% of the fans of company facebook pages are current or former customers of that company.

We like what we like..Facebook is ratification of a relationship, not the creation. What facebook does is it helps customers or previous customers: remember you and so with email. How we use fb for business and email is strategically the same.

Integrate Facebook and email in marketing
3 Areas of Integration
a. Operations & Measurement Integration Similar matrics Email subscribe = facebook likes
b. Channel & Audience Integration email people shoudl be the same people on fb To do this you need to
1. Get email opt-Ins on facebook
2. Promote facebook in your email confirmation
3. Promote facebook in email unsubscribe
4. Gather email data with social log-in (77% of online buyers desire social sign-in)
5. Create email segmentation (18% of corporate email marketers include social icons in their emails)
6. Test F-Commerce Inventory via email
7. Promote facebook threshold deals in email
c. Message Integration — Time of day day of week testing (always be testing) — Head line testing — Image testing (the thumbnail image has a tremendous impact on the result) — Use facebook to source email content — Use fan posts as email content — Promote email (pre-launch) on facebook — Real time Integration

The different ways to integrate facebook and email is not to do is do these things all at once. It must be done in sequence.

Personal Insights Facebook is a great tool for social media marketers. A tool that will help achieve a strategy. One must learn how to socialize like being in a party. And when your in a grouo of people. people isten to you when you provide a useful information.

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