Things to do to lessen my anxiety

I suffer from moderate generalized anxiety disorder. I am not alone in this, but the severity varies daily and tends to sneak up on me at unexpected and inconvenient times. I have mental lists of things that I try to remember to do when I begin to feel anxious and panic, and I wanted to share them in case they may be of some help to others.

So. Here are some suggestions…

  • write. blog, lyrics, doodles, doesn’t matter. write it down.
  • make your bed. it feels good to come home to at night.
  • organize your calendar.
  • write yourself notes: post-it notes are great.
  • take a walk. clear your head, even if it’s for a minute or two.
  • call or FaceTime with a friend.
  • take a long shower.
  • exercise. endorphins are your friend.
  • play music. piano, guitar, sing, whatever. just do it.
  • read [a real book] for pleasure.
  • watch a movie.
  • do a puzzle / brain exercise game.
  • laundry. because clean clothes right out of the dryer.
  • cook & eat healthy food.
  • take naps [when needed]
  • wake up early — don’t waste the day.
  • make a friendship bracelet.
I will continue to add to my list as new things come up. I hope this can inspire anyone else in need to remember that in times of crisis and/or panic, there are ways to steady yourself, and prepare for unexpected things. Here are some of mine; what are your’s?