Barrett and Mayfield

Number 3 Ohio State and number 14 Oklahoma were the center of college football in week two. With both schools being a powerhouse in each of their own conferences this makes a great college gameday crossover game. With two of the most high powered offenses in college this makes for an exciting game. Two heisman front runners, two high powered offenses, and two of the best teams in the country it doesn’t get much better than that.

Oklahoma struggled with an early loss in their season making this game a must win game. It was safe to say if they lost, their hopes for the college football playoffs are very slim. Ohio State riding high on two huge blowouts was confident heading into this game @ Oklahoma. With this game for Ohio state it was very important that they win going into conference play with no losses.

All eyes were on this game on Saturday night and everyone knows each of these teams are always a contender for the national championship. For each team this game was a very pivotal game for their seasons. Oklahoma with a loss could basically kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. Ohio State having a tough scheldule already could not afford a loss.

This game ended in a Oklahoma loss and an Ohio State win. I know I didn’t pick Ohio State to win this game and I’m not being bias because I’m a Michigan fan. The ;oss by Oklahoma pretty much eliminates there chances of the college football playoffs this year and it’s not looking good for quarterback Baker Mayfield for the Heisman contention.

Both teams are still looking to get into the playoffs, but with the tough scheldule makes it very hard to do that. Both teams heading into conference play and they both need to start conference play strong especially two loss Oklahoma who cannot afford another loss. Oklahoma came into the season with high expectations and a bit of to much confidence because after week 3 they’re 1–2. After a great season they come back and they didn’t know what him them all of a sudden.

Ohio State on the other hand stepped up to the plate and was ready for the challenge with a 3–0 start to their season and ranked #2 in the nation. With a tough scheldule like always they are a popular favorite to make the playoffs and actually win it. Their quarterback JT Barrett high contender for the Heisman with his arm and illusiveness. The junior looks to lead the Buckeyes to a National Championship.

These two teams will still amke a bowl, but if I had to pick a team that would make the playoffs it would have to be Ohio State. This was the center of college football last saturday because everybody had no idea who was gonna win game. Now if it was like a division 2 school against either team you would know whos going to win the game before it starts.

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