How CPR Saves Lives and The Importance of Becoming CPR and BLS Certified

Let’s get you started with the meaning of CPR and BLS. CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation while BLS stands for basic life support.

In short, we can say that CPR techniques fall under the BLS practice. CPR mostly stresses on chest compression and ventilation, which I call it “kiss of life,” where you do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. On the other hand, BLS emphasizes more on the techniques required to aid the patient during transit such as the utilization of automatic external defibrillators.

Life is crucial! Time can come when you need to save someone’s life by performing CPR. You never know when. It can even be someone you care about, either a friend or a relative. So you will need to be prepared for the unexpected happening.

How Will You Be Prepared?

I would recommend you get an Online CPR Certification which is for everyone while the BLS Certification is mostly for the medical professionals.

How CPR Save Lives?

According to AHA (American Heart Association), more than 90% of people who experience SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) die before reaching the hospital. SCA is where the heart stops beating, or the heart beats chaotically. The SCA kills a lot of people, but with CPR you can increase the chances of survival of a victim.

Why is that? The chest compression, as well as the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, helps the victims brain and heart by circulating warm and enough oxygenated blood to the organs and thus avoiding cases of brain damage or heart attack.

In most severe cases, the victim may even die since most SCA happen at home or even private settings like in your work office. As a layperson, you will need an Online CPR Certification to help you do a fast action to help the victim before any professional aid arrives. Also, if you’re a medical professional, a BLS Certification will assist you by performing the necessary techniques to sustain someone’s life, it can be through the use of defibrillators.

You might be required to perform CPR on a person during the occurrence of a heart attack, drowning, severe allergic reactions, electric shock, drug overdose, and suffocation.

The importance of Becoming CPR and BLS Certified

  • Helps save lives. By obtaining training in CPR and BLS, you can save someone’s life since most cases happen outside of a hospital. By performing CPR on a victim increases not only his/her chances of survival but also preserves the victim’s brain function.
  • Increases Safety. By preventing cases of death due to cardiac arrests. Also, people can be more secure when they are around you. For instance, you will be more valuable in your work office since you can perform CPR and provide immediate support when the need arises.
  • Increases the need for CPR certified individuals. The training is a long-term investment, and thus you will have the knowledge and the skills required to resuscitate a person suffering from a cardiac arrest. The more CPR and BLS certified individual there are; the more lives will be saved.
  • Boosts your confidence. By being CPR and BLS certified, it increases your confidence in taking a quick action when you’re in a situation that needs you to perform CPR on a victim. When you know you have had the training, and you’re already certified, it will reduce the time you might hesitate due to fear, to help a victim of cardiac arrest by performing an immediate CPR. So, you will always be prepared to perform CPR when it’s required.
  • Increases your chance of getting a job. In particular fields especial the medical or some practical jobs, employers will be looking for individuals who are CPR and BLS certified. It will automatically boost your appeal to employers.
  • You can share the obtained knowledge. By being certified, you can share your knowledge on CPR and BLS with your family or others. You need to make sure they perform the procedure in the correct way. If you want to teach, you will need to be a certified CPR instructor.

Final Thoughts

Every minute counts. Get yourself trained and obtain a CPR Certification or a BLS Certification and start saving lives.

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