I Had No Idea I was Killing My Husband
Mandy Chew

The gist of this piece is absolute commendable and I don’t want to take anything from it. However, never ever equate “healthy” serum cholesterol levels to a reduction in protein & fat intake (eg. egg yolk etc).

The problem lies in HEATED plant oil (even “healthy” oils like olive, palm, coconut etc.) Raw plant oils — no problem. Heated — “poison”!

McD, CFC and others ad nauseum use heated plant oil to prepare food.

In short: Plant oils when heated, permanently change their molecular structure to an enzymatically difficult digestible form, with all other fat and oil molecules queuing up behind them to wait their turn to be digested. That is what raises your serum cholesterol.

The take away from this: Use animal fat or butter to fry in (obviously in moderate quantities like everything else in life) and avoid heated plant oils. If McD and others would do that, you could wholeheartedly support them, except for all the refined carbohydrates accompanying their meals, but as everybody knows, that is a topic on it’s own of course — Paleo, hunter gatherer diets, etc etc. wink, wink :).

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