LinkedIn, this new aggregation strategy for Job Listings is not working

Have you tried to search for a job on LinkedIn recently? It is now very messy and confusing.

It seems that they have changed the whole process. LinkedIn has started aggregating from job sites. However one thing that you must know is that you must verify that the sites indeed are genuine jobs. One of the reasons that serious people check LinkedIn is that they are sure of the jobs and they don’t want to get hood winked.

Let me take you through the new process using an example.

This is what I get when I search for jobs in Nigeria.

When I then click on Coca-Cola Company as I see it is recent (Feb.22), (Notice it states From It also seems that it is an aggregation of all the vacancies in Coca-Cola Nigeria.

On clicking on the link, this is what I get.

It now refers to a particular job, instead of all the vacancies in Coca-Cola. ??? I now realise it is an HR vacancy and I am not looking for HR vacancies. However I still continue.

Further confusion when I click on the tab, “Apply on company website“. With all due respect, please note that I expect to click though to Coca-Cola website when I click on the tab.

This is what I get below.

Point 1: I don’t like the look and feel of this “JobsinNigeria” site. It seems “unprofessional”.

Point 2: The date shows 21 Aug 2015. I ask myself, is the job vacancy still available or someone did a dodo when refreshing the ad.

Point 3: I was not taken to the Coca-Cola site

After this, I scroll down to look for the “Apply Link”

After clicking on the Apply Link, this is what I get.

Of course, I expected to find that the job posting is no longer active.

Imagine my experience, It seems I have been let down, jilted and I am confused. Have I been unconsciously directed to another “LinkedIn” page? I checked again and it seems alright. Who owns Is it a LinkedIn company? If so, clean your listings. You will only get pageviews and lose credibility with your target market

If LinkedIn has change strategy and started aggregating from job sites, you need to rethink this strategy.

In my final summation, so where can I go again for authentic job listings? Maybe I should start considering the likes of Jobberman, Careers24 or ???

Help LinkedIn!! This is not working!!