The interesting People I call my Team!

Its about 9.10 am and I am in a room abuzz with activity and filled with young, happy very anxious faces. We had just finished breakfast you see, so everyone was full of energy… Or maybe it was the fact that this was day one of the Andela Boot camp 13, either way, one could easily see that whatever lay ahead of them, these faces were ready to take it head-on.

Come 10.20 am and we are all gathered in our separate groups of about 5 to 6 people meeting our Learning Facilitators and at that point I couldn’t help but pray that I had been coupled with the best group in the whole gathering and oh yes the best LFA, am sure everyone was having the same thoughts.

Our LFA, George started off smiling and calmly welcomed us to boot camp. It was one of those very reassuring smiles, meant to put you at ease… my heart refused to be swayed, I stayed anxious. But as we continued to chat with him, going through expectations he had for us and what we expected of him, my heart slowly realized that his, was a very genuine smile which of course had the effect of calming one down. This is one of his or anybody else’s best attribute. Later on, I also realized he was very down to earth when we told him things were moving on fairly, responding to his question about the process so far, to which he said we were very smart, for his boot camp process seemed very hard for him. With these in mind, I feel very much at ease and ready to deliver on his expectations.

Overall the team has been amazing, most especially Mahlon who is always ready to help out anyone in need and brainstorming to figure out challenging situations. Leticia is the joyous one, a very complimenting attribute mostly so around people who are all on the edge about the assignments and meeting deadlines. Even when she is desperately trying to figure out a failing test she remains calm and positive which I guess helps everyone around to calm down and use cool heads to brainstorm. Edna’s courage and strength will be strong pillars for the group. Giving up on a challenging situation is not part of her vocabulary. We switched between windows and Linux to figure out a troubling environment issue, she kept going even after we had lost hope and she finally overcame it. She has done so with other challenges, and that is the kind of strength we are going to need as a team to see this challenge to the end.

Everyone in the group is amazing and willing to hang on until the end. It’s a very humbling feeling to belong to this group and I can only hope that I am able to bring to the table just as much or even more than what am taking away.