I Thought I Wasn’t the “Programmer Type”
Lauren Long

I’ve held the theory for awhile that there’s a tendency for entry-level people to follow a career path where they see the highest chance of success and not one where they can do what they most enjoy. And they make that decision based on role models and mentors available.

This would explain some of the things we see with respect to minorities in tech. I’ve noticed a large number of women in, say, program management with CS degrees, for instance.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that, over time, programmers fall out of ‘hacker culture.’ They have kids, develop interests outside of programming open source projects, play games that don’t rely on ‘twitch skills.’

And not all programmers gamble on making millions based on their own overconfidence in the startup field. Some choose large companies like Microsoft. Or AAA gaming studios. Or business software integration.

There are a lot of ways to be a programmer.

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