London is the place I came to holding no more than a cabin bag.

It’s not that I have more than that now,

Because I always thought that everything I own I hold within,

But for that reason I had to accommodate more smiles inside

And as the smiles sneaked in, the tears came out.

I put on a little weight you know, with all this stuff,

The care, the food, the languages, the lot

I consumed a little too much, I guess…

But sometimes I go and work hard all those muscles of longing…

For the music of the language I spoke as a child,

For the unconditional sisterly love,

Expressed with more than a Whatsapp call.

London is the place where tears are more flavoursome

Adding their own unique twist to this Babylonian cocktail.

The place where all the places are missed at once,

Distance beautifying faces, oceans, hills or trees.

London is not just a tag name

On a box of souvenirs.

It’s all of you who smiled and cried with me,

The ones who recognized me by my laugh

And by my funny walk,

or travelled in my dreams or in my clumsy lyrics.

Today’s the day of the departure

Of the memorable laughing girl.

Who’s got your heart beat imprinted

In a song hummed on her way to the airport

Holding no more than a precisely measured cabin bag

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