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when her smile crumbles into agony

the world changes from sweet to sour.

she feels guilty and she doesn’t feel the need to be trapped in a bundle of flesh and skin.

she’d rather feed the trees, like a child feeds a duck in a park.

after all those years of perfectly crafting a story to fit her desire,

she’s killing all her characters.

there’s only the Pain left who was hiding behind them

The girl said, “you’ve come back!”

“I have! I was never gone, in fact that was me playing all your characters,

surrounding you with the same feeling, but only a bearable version in a smaller portion”

the girl did her thing, killed all her story’s characters in a blink of an eye…

alone, like a newborn in the unbearable cold air,

filling her lungs with the pain.

After a while, the horizons broadened.

the next story is about to begin,

but the girl took her time, waiting in silence for it to start.

Originally published at roxanahaloiu.wordpress.com on March 27, 2017.

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