Crypto Community: Giving Back to Alyze Sam, Mompreneur, Words Crafter, and Lady in Blockchain

Roxana Nasoi
May 21 · 4 min read
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“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” – Woodrow T. Wilson

It’s been about a year since I met Alyze Sam in this Telegram group that we were both active in. This is in itself a story that requires a bottle of good whiskey and patience. To sum it up, Sam has been one of the few “women in blockchain” that I have regularly been in touch with. I left most of the female-only groups but stayed in the Blockchain Sisterhood group that Jen Greyson started. There, Sam has been a vivid presence in our lives.

We ALL love her and decided to do a fundraiser for her this time.

Sam has been in the hospital with two surgeries, lately, unable to work, and she is the sole provider for her family and baby. We want to show our support, this time, by setting up a donation channel, so that she can recover well, and get back on her own two feet as soon as possible.

(Also available, the option to “pre-book” her services with 50% upfront payment, with flexible time upon deliverables).

If you’d like to support Sam in her recovery, you can donate crypto to her direct BTC and ETH addresses. If you want to make sure the addresses below belong to her, please verify by sending her a message on Telegram (her ID is AlyzeSam) or Twitter (AlyzeSam) — she responds fast.

Send her a message anyway to encourage for a fast recovery.

Btc: 37FmktHvdu7aEVVjpxqz1gXqyYpqUFkKP8

Eth: 0xF32Cc9FBA17F389f734e7aACACDFb39ba7029c18


Get to know Sam by checking her interview with HumansofBC and her professional history on LinkedIn.

First interactions I had with Sam, I wondered what made her join the space. She wasn’t a typical businesswoman. She was very bright, warm, funny as hell, and passionate. Somehow, it didn’t add up to the stiffness I was used to from some of the people in this space, the self-proclaimed influencers, the marketing people, the mooners and traders, and the very opinionated VCs that I would normally meet at events, meetups, or in professional groups.

Sam was different, which made me want to basically adopt her the moment I started exchanging messages with her. I found her enthusiasm for self-learning fascinating. She would accept every feedback, every piece of advice, and go beyond acceptance, all the way to implementation. Her previous background as a hospice nurse made her extremely human, humble, and down to Earth. She often had this addictively explosive positive energy and views on life which are of a rare kind.

Alyze Sam’s Work in the Space

I found Sam’s strengths to be in Communications and Writing. She is a people’s person, kind, and accepting of everyone. She is also great at researching and writing. Below are some of her works…

  1. Bitcoin vs Gold: What’s Valuable and What’s Not, published in Altcoin Magazine.
  2. How to Use Stablecoins for Your Advantage, published on Medium.
  3. Complete 2019 Stablecoins Guide, Sam co-authored, published in multiple parts on Hackernoon.
  4. Terminology to Know in Blockchain, published in Altcoin Magazine.
  5. April’s World News, published in The Ethical Data Magazine.
  6. And many more.

Some of the Things We Share in Common…

A personal mission in healthcare, from making it affordable to everyone to making it accessible and universal. Because let’s be honest, everyone deserves a chance to get access to proper healthcare services. She is my first choice as Ambassador for when our health-tech platform hits the US market.

Staying true to one’s values and principles. Which is why it was an easy choice to introduce her to the World Ethical Data Forum and have her onboard as a Researcher and Writer.

Believing in the potential of blockchain as a foundation technology for the future of the Web, Data, and Human2Machine interactions.

Putting up with idiots. From conference organizers that don’t deliver according to promises, to so-called cool employers or clients that don’t pay the invoices, or just drop out of a contract because the person was in the hospital for a few days.

Not giving up! — something she preaches to everyone…

Never reach out your hand unless you’re willing to extend an arm. — Elizabeth Fuller

We will be updating this page with information, quotes, thoughts shared by people who know Sam and can vouch for her excellent character, and messages of love and encouragement.

Roxana Nasoi

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Impacting lives & businesses one block at a time. Community + Technology advocate. You probably won’t like me.

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