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Tagion Open Forum series is initiated by Roxana Nasoi, Chief of Strategy at Tagion/i25s ApS. The series consists of live chats happening every 2 months in the Tagion Telegram Chat, with reputable guests and community members. The main purpose is to have quality conversations and understand what the pain points are, the solutions, and what can be improved in existing systems. …

Ukraine passes new financial monitoring law on April 28th for sums in cash above 170 euros for Withdrawals/Deposits and CRYPTO transactions above 1,000 euros. Similarities with the financial monitoring measures taken during the Greek financial depression are seen in developing countries around the world: Poland, Egypt, Ukraine, Lebanon.

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Whenever we think of financial systems, we cannot elude the requirements for KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (anti-money laundering). …

Welcome to the land of auto opt-ins and no opt-outs, where tech companies provide the infrastructure, while governments provide the users.

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Photo by Rafael De Nadai on Unsplash

Today, in “the era of COVID-19”, fear of an invisible threat, outrage for a failing healthcare system at global proportions, misinformation, and biased data interpretations — hinting here at the “terror in numbers”, as mentioned by Darrell Huff in “How to Lie with Statistics” — all have created the perfect context for governments to implement mass surveillance programs, hand in hand with tech companies. …


Roxana Nasoi

Impacting lives & businesses one block at a time. Community + Technology advocate. You probably won’t like me. Ping me on Twitter https://twitter.com/roxanasoi

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