On this day.

How I spent 365 days (& counting) living a new life.

Exactly one year ago, I left my French hometown and sat down in a plane for a 12-hours flight, ready to start a new adventure. When I decided to moved to the U.S., I knew things were about to change but I had no idea how much I’d be happy to call San Francisco home someday.

I like to picture my life as a book. Every page is an adventure, every chapter is a milestone. But, of course, life is not that linear. Have you ever read those books where you are the hero and you get to choose what chapter you’re gonna read next? Well, I guess it’s more like it.

During this whole year, my state of mind changed about a hundred times, jumping between excitement, nostalgia, happiness and boredom. Being unauthorized to work because of VISA issues was hard, but day after day, I learned how to pick myself up, beating down frustration by making things I love, learning new stuff, planning self-projects for fun and meeting awesome people.

This article is just an excuse to take a step back and make a quick review of this past year.

Random accomplishments:

  • I played basketball with amazing people
  • I discovered Fireball
  • I started playing with watercolor
  • I baked more than a hundred desserts
  • I mentally got ready for my first day at Facebook
  • (…)

Here I am, 365 days later, writing these line in my rocking chair, eating cookies and wondering if I’ll get to live happily ever after.

In 2 weeks, I’ll turn another page by joining Facebook. I don’t know what comes next, but I don’t want to jump to the end yet. This is the beginning of something new and I intend to make it count.

According to me, the right time to make good resolutions is not on January 1st, it’s every time we start a new chapter of our lives. Time flies, people change but memories stay. In the end, you’re the hero of your own story, you can do anything! JUST DO IT!