Tips from the creators of Blacks Who Design, Latinxs Who Design, and Women Who Design

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Artwork by Gabrielle Matte, Samuel Pasquier, Olivier Charland

Diversity makes a difference. Diverse teams innovate better, make decisions quicker, and build more world-friendly products, as shown by several studies.

In the multidisciplinary field of design, diversity exists on several levels, and in large part it’s what makes our work rich. But even when an organization has good intentions of creating a diverse team, it can be a challenge to find that talent.

Enter Jules Forrest, creator of the online directory Women Who Design. Inspired by a Twitter thread in which people gave shout-outs…

Tips to help your design team celebrate diversity and cultivate inclusion

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Artwork by Emily Simms

Maybe you’re already enjoying a culture of belonging or hoping to start a trend of good feeling in your organization. Either way, consistently reinforcing the importance of diversity is critical to the health of any team.

I’m a Cuban-American UX writer, and a year ago I joined a Chicana design researcher and a Black & Pacific Islander product designer to form 3D — Diverse Dropbox Design, a working group dedicated to the planning, execution, and enrichment of DEI initiatives within our design team. But we didn’t start off with…

Making the leap from publishing to tech.

A long bookshelf full of books with a computer laptop at one end
A long bookshelf full of books with a computer laptop at one end

Are you an editor who’s thought of applying for a tech job but worry you don’t have enough experience? Think again. I was a book and magazine editor for more than 15 years before I landed a gig in tech. My learning curve was steep, but I also discovered that a lot of my editorial skills mapped to my work as a user experience (UX) writer. Every day more and more tech companies are on the hunt for UX writers, and there aren’t enough people with UX writing experience to fill the need. These roles are great for editors.


Roxanna Aliaga

Head of UX Writing at Dropbox. See more of her words at

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