Since 420 is in a few days, here is the story of my first time getting high

I was having people over for a get together over the summer for a bonfire, and my parents were at their friends house. I had failed to mention that I was going to invite a few boys and my parents were only a few doors down, and to my dismay, also having a bonfire. They heard guys voices and my dad started yelling from 2 fences down that he heard guys voices. By then I was obviously embarrassed, but when I answered “Yeah we’re just hanging out” he stopped answering. I figured he accepted the fact that I was old enough to make my own decisions, I has 16 after all, and that he just gave up and kept talking to his friends.

My friend was offering for me to try weed for the first time. She told me that if I put batch in it it will make it so much better. I let her pack it for me and I smoked for the first time. It was a weird feeling, I felt like I was having the same dream over and over again. The whole room felt surreal and time felt endless. After a while I started to realise that I felt like this because I was high, and I kind of got control of myself. But those first few minutes felt like I was lost in space and had no idea what reality was. It’s like that at first, that’s why you want to start off with a little bit, with weed, a little bit goes a long way.

When we were done smoking in the garage, my parents came home not too long after. They had no idea what we did because everything was put away, and we were all outside roasting marshmallows. My mom poked her head out into the backyard, “Roxanne come here please” she said, and then she went back into the house. I followed her in giving my friends the “oh shit i’m loaded” look. When I went in the house, my mom told me to go in her room and sit down. She began lecturing me about the fact that we did not discuss boys, and that a few extra people had attended my little party. Meanwhile my head was spinning and my mom looked like a wavy line that was trying to get my attention. I guess I seemed normal because she never asked me if I was drunk or anything and I stayed pretty quiet. I figured if I don’t talk i’ll just seem like a sad little puppy who got in trouble.

When I went back to my friends, my one friend, who I will call Leslie, was freaking out. She smoked for the first time too, and it was making her very upset. She felt stressed out and very paranoid. Nowadays she’s okay with smoking, but my guess is that she smoked way too much for her first time and she just had a bad reaction. She was on my bed crying and everyone was crowding her trying to make her feel better. I told them all to get out, I wasn’t really sure what the hell I was supposed to do, there was a hysterical girl on my bed having a bad mental trip, what the hell can I do? “Do you want me to call your parents?” I asked. She begged me not to so I didn’t, and then eventually she calmed down. Thank god she calmed down.

There are a lot of things that can happen your first time smoking, and it really depends on who is around you, if you have any reason to be paranoid (because it’s illegal so most people are paranoid), and your tolerance. Usually smaller people have a lower tolerance, but age and what you ate that day are also important factors to consider. For people who have never smoked weed and want to try it, it’s great! Try it when you’re ready, and again, start with just a little bit and after a few minutes if you need more then go ahead. It’s not something that I encourage people to do every day but it’s nice after a long day and you just want to unwind. Some people have a glass of wine, I smoke a bowl of weed. It’s not that different.