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Perfectly Reasonable People Disagree About Everything.

I inadvertently started a thread on Twitter and want to capture my thoughts here on one page, in the order I thought them. I’m doing this to help *me* remember, and, posting publicly, in case it’s useful to you, reader. Thank you for stopping by.

Beware Your Fear

I see fear driving extremist behavior as well as paralysis. It’s easier to see it in the ideas and actions of one’s opponent, but it’s extremely powerful to call it out from within oneself and one’s own “team.” Fear is a debilitating place from which to start, weakening oneself and one’s ideas from the get go. When one is afraid, it’s easy to be defensive. It’s also a weak position and one that often leads to more problems, not fewer.

Defensiveness is the first act of war. ~ Byron Katie

There’s a lot to unpack in that quote. I’ll end here, though, by saying be not afraid. Trust yourself and your ideas. You have more power than you can imagine. That allows you to flex and flow, to update your database as new facts come in, to entertain other points of view lest you end up like the blind men trying to describe an elephant.

There’s always more to the story. That’s the good news, not the bad news. So…

Don’t get attached to the results of what you do or what you think.

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