How To Mix Laziness With Productivity To 10X Your Results.
Tim Denning

Hi, my name is Roxanne (Hi, Roxanne) and I am closet slacker. I work hard at being lazy. Being lazy allows for creative thoughts and new ideas. Using lazy time correctly you can connect with people. I use my lazy time to think through projects. Just thinking about them. or reading. It is something Telsa did. He would think about his projects and run tests before anything was built.

Adding lazy time actually helps you work in bursts to get projects done. When all of a sudden you realize the deadline is looming, miraculously (at least for me) you think of how to get work done efficiently in order to get back to being lazy.

I was talking with a business man who is a tattoo artist with an incredibly busy shop. We talked about the work balance topic. I see him taking time to talk over coffee. He told me, he tells his employees to work 80% less. His tattoo artists are flabberghasted by this thought. Being on creatively is very hard. I know I was an art director for years and some days you need to not think so hard.

Looking at clouds is a great way of being lazy

Rox of Spazhouse, Intuitive Research