Winning the Gig Economy with The Hollywood Model
Jayca Pike

I have friends who work in the hollywood mode of working. One friend in particular is in the wardrobe department. The people who work on show to show, know our world is a gig economy. In the hollywood mind set those who thrive know there are key items to make them hireable. One is paying Union dues.

The problem is selling the idea of project work to people who have recently been downsized or laid off. This is certainly a different mindset from the traditional American way of life. Though historically, gig work has been around since humans started trading. It is the applicants time and time again who want that guaranteed hourly, place to go, work environment.

I have created my own company Spazhouse, Intuitive Research based on project work. I keep a roster of researchers I like working with in the know of what kind of work may be on the horizon.