Why Learning Is A New Procrastination
Max Lukominskyi

If there is a major take away from my time in college and learning art design problem solving is experimentation. We had to work on projects and were required to apply what we learned into the assignment. You learn from reading yes, but applying what you learned to an experimenting is crucial. Example, order to learn public speaking, you have to speak in front of people.

I read many articles on Medium, but I also write a comment for each on I read. This also an exercise to hone my in writing skill. (Artist! Problem solver! ) I took up writing, because I needed to write reports for clients on different subject matter.

I am a lifelong learner, but when I go about to learn a subject, I apply that knowledge to a problem or project. I learned double entry bookkeeping from a 15th century treatise by a monk. I needed to understand in order to talk to a cpa. It worked.

Thank you for your article. It gets to the point about learning is procrastinating. One can just learn without applying that knowledge. My sister has a great quote, “show me the work.” (Did you know the British place periods and comma outside of the quotation marks?)

Thank you, I look forward to new articles you will be writing.