Reclaim Your Time
Tom Sommer

Our brains are the problem. When we are working there comes the intrusive blip of a thought and for some reason we feel we must run to that distraction.

Pop ups are designed/engineered to play upon the psychology of human nature wanting to know “what happened.” List sites need the traffic. Traffic, fuels the advertising for the site. Click baiting is a trick and they have trained you to follow. Knowing is one part of the battle. Retraining your brain is another.

I worked for years in an office that had constant interruptions and distractions. I worked for a printing company and I will tell you, distractions and stress are the number one cause of things getting messed up.

I turn off all notifications. I turn mail off while working. I do not read email on holidays or days off. Yesterday, I missed an email from a friend I see frequently offered her condo to view the fireworks. I read the email today after the holiday. I emailed her and thanked her profusely and apologized that I do not read emails on holidays. Did I miss out? No, fate intervened and I was able to to watch fireworks with a friend I see only once in a while. We were able to catch up on each others live’s. Living in the moment and enjoying it.

We are quite guilty in creating our own distractions. Need to look at Facebook. Need to read Medium. Looking at the notifications and likes are fuel for the brains addiction center. I look at platforms such as these in a monetary sense. Time is money. Facebook is a platform that wants your money in some fashion (boosting is one) I am a subscriber to Medium. Paying for this site, I feel I have released my need to read as many stories and reply to each one.

I create a list for the day on a 2 x 3.5" (business card) size note sheet for work to be done. And I do not mean the easy, check email as part of the list. I focus very hard on the task at hand and to be honest it is difficult.

I have written about the issue of multitasking which is another form of interrruptions.