Anything Is Possible If You Pay The Price
Benjamin P. Hardy

Thank you for the article. I took up swimming laps in the morning to swtich out my old habit of biking to work. I now work at home but I needed a commute. To work the hours I want means getting up before 7 am to hit the pool.

I spoke with an incubator fellow and she deleted emails she knew she would never get to. I stopped spending anytime on an old email account.

If I don’t have a research project, I ask people I know to give me a simple inquiry to keep my investigative skills sharp.

After becoming a widow three years ago, I am dating. I do not look at my iphone indescrimiately. I met my new interest at the pool I swim at. I pay to make this new connection.

I work on creating because I do not want to work for someone else. I swim and have a leisurely breakfast and time to do deep work. This is success for me.

You are right we pay the price for the life we want.

Thank you.

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