Consistency Will Make You Feel Like a Loser
Todd Brison

Thank you for your post. The I was helping a designer friend of mine out just recently. He had not been designing for years. He needed a logo he designed cleaned up.

Even though I have started my research company last year, I do keep my skills up in design. Sometimes it is a simple newsletter for my library group. The thing is not to throw away the skills you have worked hard on mastering.

Certain mastered skills can morph into other skills. I was asked the other day, “what are you learning from mediation training?” My answer is listening to my clients. Consistently. In the past instead of selling an idea because I was a good art director, I now listen with intent to what they are saying and can then modify a strategy for a client. Back to my design friend, we were able to discuss what worked and what did not out of his design. Consistency allows for projects to be worked out rather quickly as well. The time I worked out his logo was a fraction of the time it would have taken him to complete.