Startup Founders Need to Start Doing Less
Feliks Eyser

This is a great article. I started my company Spazhouse, LLC (Spazhouse, Intuitive Research) to purchase another company. I walked away from that purchase. One bank VP and my CPA both told me well you have a company, now use it.

So I have, I found I was good with finding and researching information (why I walked away from the purchase). I started small. My targets are few and very attainable, because, I know how much I need to live on.

As for scalability, my own business is part of the gig economy. I would love to hire employees, but it is just not feasible. I do have something other companies may not have, a roster of freelancing experts in different fields. I am fair in proposal pricing, that if the job is bigger that I can handle I can give a call to a contractor. My contract freelancers and I work well with nda’s and work agreements. For my contractors I spelled out early to them the projects for them are the short term extra money kind. It pays to be very honest. The projects are interesting and engaging and it makes my clients very happy with the information we can collect for them.

Doing less allows you to enjoy the process of your work more. If you have many goals, you cannot concentrate and do the deep work you are paid to do.

I have shared your article on my LinkedIn feed.

Rox of Spazhouse, Intuitive Research