Is Vegetarianism Good For You?
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

Very interesting article. I am the healthiest I have been by being an omnivore. You are quite correct on the segment that the rich are the ones able to have the healthy diet.

A number of years ago (over 5 years) I decided to do something about m weight. I had gotten a job so close to my house it was a five minute bike ride to work. It was that five minute bike ride that allowed my weight to increase. Zip on home and crash!

I have read, many books on diets (Wheat Belly and 4 Hour Body, Salt, Sugar, Fat to name a few). I did away with processed food. The lure of processed food is that you can “save” money by clipping the coupons. There were popular shows on coupon clippers. I did my fair share of clipping. The shows highlighted pantries loaded with processed foods and sauces. The end of the show after venturing the the store these coupon mavens would wind up spending $1.59 on $300.00 worth of groceries. But most was processed and loaded with sugar. This is the reality that many Americans face. How to feed their families.

When I stopped coupon clipping and started to buy fresh food, non processed food, my grocery bill certainly went up, but my weight certainly went down. I had to rethink my budget. Real butter, fresh vegetables from a farmer’s market is indeed higher in price.

Food deserts are another reality families face. During the 19th century and early 20th century produce peddlers were the norm in cities. There produce peddlers had routes where housewives who could not get to a grocery store or market were able to purchase fresh food. Now easy accessible processed food is the norm, not the exception. The people in the Coupon shows are viewed by some as standard middle class. The lure of a quick meal (life is busy as we know it) and the idea of savings is why most people eschew a healthy omnivore life style. (People in general do not have time to cook anymore). Great reading. Thanks.