My Client Spent $565 on Google Adwords and Made $12,840 in one Month…

I love sharing this story as every time I enter a room and give my “Divaa Pitch” to a potential client, the moment I mention “Google Adwords” the immediate response is always “No Way!! We spent most of our advertising budget on “G-A” and not a single return”!!!

Well check this out…

What is this “Beast” known as Google Adwords?

“In order to win at anything you need to know what the thing is”- “Somebody”

Google Adwords is as an online advertising platform owned and operated by Google . It is the most popular and widely used online advertising network in the world. A Large number of business people use Google Adwords to reach large numbers of customers and to expand their business. So why not you?????

So how did I help her make $12,840 in April?

Simple… We used a few Adword Optimization techniques which we have listed below..

  1. Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms or phrases entered by the browsers/researcher in the search query box. Choosing keywords is an important factor in any online marketing process, its the what will make and break your Adword goals. So basically you have to be very must smart in choosing the keywords and make use of keyword planner or else you could be #@$#!

2. Quality Score

Quality score is based on factors which Google considers for determining where the advertisement should be placed on the site. So make sure your keywords rank high!

3. Write Compelling Ads — Eye catching

Ads should have very attractive words which should make the viewers click on the advertisement. There are a lot of formats available in Google Adwords. But text ads form the most popular type of ad so utilize this to the fullest, trust me…

4. Unique Selling Proposition- ie: The Dopest offer out!
There are three major reasons to create a USP

  • It will drive more traffic to your site
  • Reduces the unwanted clicks
  • It will increase your sales conversion rate
  • Price becomes a secondary factor for the visitors when there is a powerful USP. You can also increase the prices without having to bother about your competitor’s product pricing.

5. Conversion Tracking

You need to track your keywords and ads to know how effectively it is working and to boost up your sales. Conversion tracking helps you to know the amount of sales made through your Adwords campaign.

Welp their you have it… Its that simple… Just make sure you follow these guidelines, Aim high but Spend low!

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