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It’s never too late

A lot of noise has filled my “busy” days these last few weeks.
I have been avoiding this conversation with myself, 
to look internally and confront what it is that I am running from.
So that I may begin to find peace with myself.

This morning, I wrote a letter to my best friend.
I’ve grown up with her since she was a child, and for as long as I’ve known her, she was never without her camera. It was her way of discovering and making sense of the world. Of connecting with people, places, and things. Of dreaming.

And oh how she loved to write — from her drawings as a child inscribed with love notes for her grandma, to journals that filled her deepest thoughts and feelings about anything and everything. She also loved to ask questions, sometimes too many that got her into trouble. I guess she was just one of those curious ones.

a box of journals over the years.

I look at her now. My how she’s grown to be someone I deeply admire. 
She’s still growing up, and growing younger at the same time.

Sometimes, I think she’s crazy. Because others think she’s crazy.
Crazy for her ideas about changing the world, and wow (really), giving a damn. Crazy for believing in Love. Crazy for wanting to become a unicorn. Crazy for thinking you can live a life by design. Crazy for taking huge bets in her own life, some of which have failed miserably and emotionally wrecked her, at times alienating her closest friends, family, and significant other. 
But in all these failures and shortcomings, she gets back up. 
some way, some how.

She’s brave. and she’s enough. 
She’s my best friend. and she’s me.

Today, I went back to where I started
and created my life project called,


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