5 Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Restaurant

If shoestring potatoes and a shoestring budget are both on your restaurant’s menu, how can you create more awareness of your store and, as a result, attract more customers? Here are five quick and relatively easy ways to get the word out, and best of all, they cost little to nothing to implement.

1. Start right here: write a blog. The very fact that you’re reading this tells you it works! Make your blog invaluable to your customers by providing fresh content including recipes and colorful photos of dishes on your menu. Promote it on your website and via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Partner up. Other businesses in your community are also looking for opportunities to create awareness. Everyone needs food, so you have a valuable commodity. Offer to provide dishes for a special event they are holding (for example, a car dealership having a special sale). In return for your contribution, you could have brochures and business cards on the serving table for their audience.

3. Sponsor a charity event. Again, offering to cater a well-known charitable event can expose your restaurant to potential new customers, and you get the added benefit of doing good works in your community. Many organizations will include your logo or name in promotional materials as well.

4. Google Places. If you haven’t already, set up Google Places for your restaurant. The mapping service allows Google users to easily find a business within their local area. It’s quick, easy to do, and very budget friendly. Anyone in your local area who is looking for a place to eat will be able to instantly see your restaurant when they do a simple Google search.

5. Free publicity. Take an hour or so to develop a short list of key local TV, radio and newspaper media contacts in your community and keep their names, numbers and email addresses close at hand. When you implement some of the ideas here, keep the press in the loop, particularly when it comes to any events. Don’t be shy about sending them a quick note requesting coverage.

Marketing does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Make it a part of your regular planning and reap the rewards in new profits for your restaurant.