Don’t Worry, Social Media Will Cover The Rest

The end of January in Vancouver, BC is the perfect time to explore new culinary experiences in and around the city. We have an excellent event called Dine Out Vancouver where local restaurants and eateries will prepare and serve selected dishes at introductory prices. It can be a great opportunity to expand your culinary horizons and experience the creations of talented chefs and those who are quickly rising to the top of their field.

Alongside this culinary festival exists the mobile culinary superstars who own and operate food trucks. They exist at first as urban legends, whisperings on the street, rumors of exotic flavor combinations, but can it really be true? Then, you might catch a glimpse of one from the sky train station or bus terminal but you dare not wander from your schedule. But one day you leave the ordinary routine and push the limits of what is possible. And what you discover will ruin you for normal.

Urban edge comes together as dozens of food trucks have gathered at a downtown square to offer their own versions of culinary masterpieces. This is where urban legend comes to life. Wafting from each truck and food cart are tantalizing smells, some sweet, some spicy, some savory and all so amazing.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I so completely love the food truck experience. Here is a miniature restaurant, run by one or two, maybe three people, who have dreamt up a concept and brought it to life. This is small business, this is the heart of entrepreneurship; innovation, creativity, talent, style, finesse, heart and soul. This is soul food, comfort food taken to the next level.

This is a small business growing almost exclusively by word of mouth and social media. They are creating unforgettable food experiences to generate the excitement and buzz that brings in more customers. They ALWAYS appreciate their customers and understand that building relationships builds their business.

I was hanging out in the square, taking it all in, thriving on the energy and excitement. Tweeting, taking photos, Instagram, loving every minute of it. I wasn’t the only one, dozens of others were capturing images of culinary creations and sending them to followers around the globe.

I noticed a local TV station had sent a cameraman in to do a piece for the weekend evening news. I went up to him and thanked him for coming out. He replied that it wasn’t going to be a big story, just a mention at the end of the show. I responded,

“A mention is better than nothing. And besides, social media will cover the rest”

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