Lower cortisol… by eating

Wanting to lower your cortisol or get your hormones back on track? Give these foods a try:
Cold water fish salmon sardines anchovies white fish — Omega-3 fats DGA EPA improve insulin sensitivity & reduce cortisol.
Walnuts — omega-3 fats + ALA to reduce cortisol & inflammation & improve hormones.
Eggs — Amino acids & choline to improve brain transmissions (improve stress) & tissue repair.
Cacao — Improves mental, gut & vascular health.
Greek yoghurt — Probiotic for gut health.
Citrus Fruit (oranges lemons limes grapefruit) — Vitamin C if consumed within 2.5hrs of intense exercise lower cortisol levels.
Pumpkin & chia Seeds — Magnesium Manage blood sugar
Fenugreek — regulates blood sugar & boosts testosterone
Sesame seeds & DIM — metabolize estrogen
Spinach & white beans — Magnesium Vitamin B & antioxidants to reduce stress & improve hormone balance after intense exercise.

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