Peak Week for Body Builders & Models

As peak week draws towards its end many models & bodybuilders are entering their water & carbohydrate loading phases of their competition preparation. ‘Awesome so I get to lay in front of the TV eating bread cereal & pasta?’ Um no. For me this meant walking out pup for an hour then mopping the floors & shower screens. Then a 1.5 hour full body workout to push the glycogen from my body. I know this occurred as my hands were shaking by the end & stopped the moment I had eaten a pineapple round & apple slice. Now I will follow a macro controlled diet designed especially for me to ensure my body is nourished & pumped up to its fullest come competition day. 
Key is to be organised at this phase. Do a big shop so you have all ingredients in your house. Cook proteins & prepare salads in batches & carry a meal bag with you at all times.., no skipping meals. Enjoy your carb load fit fam.


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