As I try to make the most of the tragic events of today, one thing keeps coming to mind.

For those of you who are constantly complaining about the things that are bad in your life, no matter how large or small, please remember that you and only you can do something about them.

Missed the bus and have to walk to work? Get over it — just walk. Having problems with a coworker? Get over it or do something about it. Getting bullied? Tell an authority figure or do something yourself. Went to the store and forgot the one thing you went for? Get over it — it’s only a little time wasted, not your entire life.

People complain about these and about things over which they have no control and it is all just a waste of their energies.

You are still alive, people, and so you HAVE the ability to change these things. Sure, it may seem difficult, sometimes even impossible, but as long as you are drawing breath you can make those changes. AS long as you are alive there is the possibility of things getting better!

50 people today lost their lives in Orlando Florida and no longer can take those steps, no longer can change their lives, no longer can draw a breath. Over 50 more have had their lives changed forever and who knows how long their injuries and the experience alone will affect them — this all providing that they DO survive the ordeal. 50 people’s families will never be able to argue with them, love them, hold them again for those lives were taken by a RANDOM act of senseless violence.

So next time the barista gets your coffee order wrong, the next time your groceries aren’t packed right, the next time you accidentally put bleach in the wrong washer — — just remember that these are minor things and you are still around to deal with them. That is SO much better than the alternative that all these people have to deal with.

Now go out and live your lives and dwell on the GOOD that is still out there. Let there be hope for humanity, for we surely all need it now more than ever!

Rant over :)

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