Life Changed in an Instant

In late 2014 I was feeling a bit run down, no energy, stressed out — stretched thin by all the things that I was trying to do. This continued for a couple of months until, on February 4, 2015, I agreed to let my partner of nearly 20 years take me to the emergency room.

After a brief examination I was told that they were admitting me to the hospital (at that point one of my greatest fears) for overnight observation. My partner and a very close friend of ours came with me as they put me in an isolated room and sat there while I shivered and coughed.

Then the other shoe dropped. The doctors came in and asked if I wanted my people to leave as they gave me the news. Fearing being alone, I asked that they stay. The doctors told me that I had pneumocystis pneumonia(a very virulent form of the disease), and because of that they had run more tests. The test results were back — and I was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS.

My friends would not show it but I knew they were devastated. I, on the other hand, had only two thoughts that somehow kept going through my brain: 1) I had beaten pneumonia before and could do so again if I just put my mind to it and 2) AIDS? Thank goodness they didn’t say diabetes.

Strange reaction yes? But I was there when the epidemic started and I knew many, many people who lived through the excruciating drug trials in the 80s and were still alive and thriving. That meant I could beat that, too!

The next morning my main doctor came in and his eyes popped open wider than any I’d seen before. He said, in a shocked tone, “You’re still here? I expected to find you in the morgue this morning!” That statement alone changed my life.

Being a VERY stubborn person, I decided right then and there that I would prove him wrong and that I would get out of the hospital and thrive once again. 10 days later I was sent home and began the long journey to recovery. A year later I sit here having regained most of the 50+ pounds I lost, in better shape than I have been in most of my life, and with a whole new outlook.

I no longer let myself stress on things for more than a few minutes, and with this blog I hope to help inspire others to give up focusing on what’s wrong with their lives and instead pay attention to all the goodness around the, no matter how large or small.

Please enjoy and leave me feedback so I know I am going in the right direction.

Love and peace to you all.

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