5 Types Of Printed Plastic Cards

Gone are the days of paper cards, this is an era of printed, plastic cards. That is because of the benefits which they render. Plastic cards are water and dust proof and also last long. You can securely keep your plastic cards in your pocket or wallets, but the paper cards are prone to damage. Plastic cards boast an attractive appearance and liked by many people.

These plastic cards may also act as a symbol of your significance and reputation. These cards are available in various different designs. There is available a large variety of plastic cards such as black and white, transparent, colorful, multicolor and designer cards. Know more about the types of printed, plastic cards.

Gift Card
 A gift card (also called a gift token or voucher) is a stored-value money prepaid card. It is usually issued by a bank or retailer and can be used as an alternate to cash to buy within a related business or particular store. Gift cards are also distributed by marketers and retailers in order to promote their businesses. These gift cards are redeemable which can be used for purchases. Cash cannot be derived by exchanging these cards.

Membership Card
 Membership cards are generally used by organizations which provide these cards to their members. Memberships cards prove to be a physical reminder to members that they are a part of a big organization. A membership card represents the value of the organization. Memberships cards which also contain the photo of the member can also be used as a photo identity card. A membership card is no less than a status symbol of the organization, therefore, organizations should consider well before buying membership cards.

VIP Card
 Printed plastic VIP cards are used for rewarding best customers in order to strengthen brand loyalty. VIP cards are generally used by special event producers, fraternities, retail stores, bars, restaurants, museums, sororities and businesses to increase sales and provide identities to topmost customers. VIP cards provide easy access to VIPs in order to treat them with honor and save them from the crowds.

Magnetic Stripe Card
 A magnetic stripe card is capable of containing data in their magnetic stripes. Magnetic stripe card is also called a swipe card. These cards are generally used as credit cards, identity cards, ATM cards and transportation cards. They may also have RFID tag, a microchip or transponder device which is used for electronic payment or premises access control.

Insurance Card
 An insurance card is given to an insurance policy holder. The benefits of these plastic, insurance cards are many. They are durable and can also store the data related to the policy and the policy holder. These cards, unlike paper, stay safe even in water. You might get drenched in the rain, but your plastic, insurance card will be safe. These insurance cards can be easily carried as they can fit in your pocket or wallet.

The Printed, plastic cards are durable. They are also available in different designs. In the today’s world, these cards represent the significance and the true value of a business.

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