The Benefits of Using Polyethylene Foam

This article describes the benefits of mattresses made from polyethylene foam. The article also provides an insight into the general properties of the polyethylene foam and its uses.

Polyethylene foam (PEF) is a synthetic froth made of millions of disconnected tiny bubbles. The structural properties of PEF allow it resist water, provide extra strength and rigidity while being antimicrobial, soft and squishy at the same time. However, the biggest advantage of PEF is the fact that it is a versatile fabric that offers customization possibilities. No wonder why PEF is widely used by leading mattress brands in India as upholstery material for mattresses.
For a sound sleep at night, sleep where you are most comfortable
-The perfect fit: PEF is mostly used for ‘cushioning’, where several layers of compressed PEF is laid on top of ‘insulation’ layer during mattress production. An innerspring unit made of PEF not only generates a greater level of comfort but also increases durability.

-Conscious of hygiene: PEF is known for its antimicrobial properties. Its superior technology maintains the hygiene aspect by repelling bed bugs and dust mites. PEF also prevents any bacterial growth caused due to sweating during sleep. Leading mattress brands in India makes use of PEF due to its high repelling properties and anti-dust qualities.

-Comfort zone: Tossing and turning is just another sleeping pattern for many people. PEF mattresses ensure that the other person sleeping is not disturbed. PEF absorbs body impressions and the foam quickly regains its shape after compression. By dint of ‘shock repelling quality’, a PEF mattress is capable of preventing the distribution of fall energy, making it more popular among leading mattress brands in India.

In support of a good sleep: The mattresses made from PEF have the right kind of rigidity that maintains your posture during recumbent position. PEF mattresses help to maintain strong back and neck support, eliminating pain in the lower portion of one’s body. Ortho doctors maintain that lack of right proportion of rigidity in the mattress can be fatal in the long run. Out of this concern, leading mattress brands in India use advanced technologies to manufacture PEF mattresses of medium-level firmness.

-A suitable raw material for mattress: A mattress manufactured from PEF is odourless and non-abrasive. The closed cells of PEF make the material lightweight and easy to handle. PEF has thermal insulation properties and is resistant to solvents and grease.

-Cost-effective solution: Cost-effectiveness of the PEF is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why leading mattress brands in India are opting to use PEF as raw material for mattress production. The PEF is cheaper than the PU foam, latex foam, and the memory foam.

PEF is the ultimate source of comfort, brought to you by the leading mattress brands in India
A good mattress is everything you need after a stressful day. After all, only a sound sleep at night can recharge you completely. When state-of-the-art technology and best quality materials are combined together by leading mattress brands in India, your body and mind are fully energized and you become more productive. It also improves their quality of life.
To dodge the sleep loss problem of millions, the leading mattress brands in India have come up with an effective solution- use of PEF for manufacturing mattresses. As surveyed from time to time, people who are in habit of sleeping on mattresses made of PEF, experience a better quality sleep that completely refreshes them.

Author’s Bio

The author of this article is a notable member of R&D team specializing in PEF products. At presently, he is employed at a leading mattress brand in India for more than a decade. His knowledge and expertise in production and processing of PEF have prompted him to write this article.

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