GameStop Grandpa
Ronan Takagi

C’mon dude! Don’t give me that old geezer gamer guff. Once a gamer, always a gamer. I probably won’t finish Breath of the Wild until I’m 92, but my mind will be sharp and my game-pad thumbs will be lethal.

I agree about the decaying shops. Definitely going for that headshop vibe. I was working those several iterations ago when it was Babbage’s and Software, Etc. We were sharp-dressed nerds. And I agree with the plethora of games. So what? You get more selective as you mature, just like with wine and gum.

I’m sure you use Steam to download, right? Easy way to bypass GameStop. I play Garry’s Mod with the girls and FNAF on occasion plus a whole bunch of free fan-made games. Been wondering if Skyrim is too “rough.” They’d like to give it try. So would I. I know you’ve played it. Whadaya think?

Take it easy, buddy.