Great Reads for People with Short Atten

When Book Jackets are Exhausting

The Eloquent Prose of Stall #2*
by Sharp-Mind Haz Sharpie
(*Shell station on Wilson & Main)
Teeny-Tiny-Wee-Widdle Baby Pamphlet
by Well-Dressed Door-to-Door Dudes
One-Word Teaser Poster
by Smarty Markety
had me at run
WebMD Page up to “Not Considered Fatal”
by Mostly Neuroses
The Abandoned Adam and the Ants Fan Website
by Adam Antselton* 
Bazooka Gum Comic
by The Original Joe Blow
an entire Saturday
DON’T FORGET Followed by Five Exclamation Points Written in Bright Red Marker on Fridge Dry-Erase Board
by Husband Staring Blankly at Dry-Erase Board
First/Only Comment on YouTube Video of Guy Explaining Muon Physics
by Guy Explaining Muon Physics
Box of New Cold Medication (Part About Interaction with Alcohol)
by Woke Up in Tube Slide Last Time
Glowing Yelp Review for Pho n’ Phranks in Mall Food Court
by Roland Dice
Graffiti Adorning Chicago Expressway Overpass
by They Might Be Cute Gang-Related Bubble Letters
Web Address to Enter Secret Code for Free App Download for Possible Chance to Win Something on Back of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
by Conglomerate Tightwads Too Cheap to Put Toy in Box
an entire Sunday (circa 1974)
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