Peanut Butter or Fish? A smorgasbord of family tradition
Rachael Falis

So many comments. Where do I start?

  • If Red Dawn happens, I’m with you. Iodine juice? Fish gutting? That’s some bad-a Wolverine stuff.
  • Your wonder years stories require a side search window (e.g. Pudgie Pie? Leatherstocking?). I love it!
  • Whenever my kids require less screen time and more outdoor time, I’m using “Up and at ’em, ya lily-dippers!” Cotton-ball curse words are fun.
  • Not that I’d be a Sara, but I had a tendency to get fish hooks caught in me and start (very small) forest fires. I really tried, but I was all thumbs when it came to camping in upstate NY. I’d like to think Grandpa would cut me some slack and give marks for trying.
  • If not, I’d be “Dude!
  • Thanks, Rachael! I saved this story to read over breakfast. I think I’ll do that from now on. It starts my day with a smile. (I’m ignoring that you’d even think Grandma would do something so nefarious. Of course the sock was clean.)