I absolutely LOVE this piece!
Emily Jordan

Thanks a lot, Emily! It’s nice to know someone who shared a similar experience and made the “selfish” choice. Yes, oh yes — there was always bureaucracy to trudge through. I could have also mentioned the politically motivated principal with little concern for kids and the “tenured” teachers who would/could pilfer supplies from my room when I wasn’t around. If I hadn’t taught elective classes, I probably would have left before the year was out. The allowance to be an innovative teacher made a big difference, but it wasn’t enough. So I quit*, but that’s a four-letter word that my parents — former educators — never spoke. Instead, they unleashed a passive-aggressive Death Star of guilt on me for years. Meh. It didn’t take long to learn anyone with a problem had a problem that they were disguising as my problem, so I chose not to don the scarlet “q”. I believe it took more courage for us to go with our gut and choose happiness, don’t you? As nuts as it sounds, it’s how I’ve decided to raise my kids. Totally absurd.

P.S. I also quit smoking. Hope that’s OK with everyone.

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