SalesCraft 12: Office Parties

Congratulations! Your company just had a successful sales month. Time to serve up plenty of high-fives and relish your achievement. Who knows — maybe the boss will reward the team with an after-hours party? Even better — maybe you’ll be the designated party planner!

Here are some tips to make your soirée a humdinger that will be long remembered.

First things first: Be sure to apply the bulk of your party budget toward a delicious assortment of savory hors d’oeuvres and refreshing beverages.

Dazzle the crowd with an attractive spread showcasing your enticing nibbles. Buffet-style is perfectly acceptable, but don’t forget a healthy quantity of plates, cups and napkins.

Make sure your washrooms are clean, tidy and well-stocked with supplies.

Atmosphere is everything! Set a nice, upbeat mood with good music. Create an awesome playlist of popular dance songs to get folks tapping their toes. If you fancy yourself the fresh DJ, use fun lighting to add to the ambiance. Look at that! Your office is the hippest disco in town!

Worried not everyone will mix and mingle? No problem — a fun activity is just the thing to break the ice. Use some creativity and get a fun game rolling to keep the laughs going all night long.

All that planning and preparation paid off, didn’t it? Your party was a huge success and you’re sure to be the toast of the office. Just be ready the next day: Your co-workers will be falling all over you with gratitude.

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