SalesCraft 11: Coping with Stress

The world of sales is exciting and rewarding, but the challenges it presents can be daunting. Occasionally, you may feel a little stressed out.

Make sure to recognize when your stress is on the rise. If not dealt with, high levels of anxiety and frustration may cause you to do something uncharacteristic and unprofessional.

Relieving stress is essential to keeping the job manageable, but don’t settle for conventional, boring methods such as a visit to a gym or massage parlor or gun range. As a salesperson, you deserve better! Find out if your I.T. specialist is certified in cross-dimensional travel. If they are, offer them a small bribe for some after-hours “tech” work at your cubicle.

With your very own teleportation gateway, you’ll have the perfect response to any stressful moment the job can offer.

Calibrated properly, you can now warp away unnoticed for a quick, pleasant trip to a relaxing destination. How about someplace exotic? An isolated beach perhaps?

Can’t you just feel the stress melting away?

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