SalesCraft 10: Administration

Name: Lionel Butterfist

Title: VP Sales

Nickname: Eugene (after Eugene Krabs from SpongeBob)

People Say: Lies low — until end of month — then look out.

Can Be Found: Brushing lint from pink jacket. (“Salmon, friend. Saa-mon.”)

Brings to Company: Minor demolition was required to install imported, oversized desk

Tells the Team: “Talk is talk. Walk is walk. Doing is doing.” (Yep — just nod.)

Nobody Knows: First to arrive, last to leave office — only to avoid anyone seeing him crawl over desk to get out

Name: Paige Ng

Title: Sales Support / Customer Service / Ops Manager / Office Czar

Nickname: I wouldn’t

People Say: Knows more than all execs put together

Can Be Found: Selling plasma to pay rent

Brings to Company: Business planning that twice prevented bankruptcy (uncredited)

Tells the Team: “I’m on it.”

Nobody Knows: First-ever Uber driver. First-ever Lyft driver.

Name: Jennifer Gustafson

Title/Dept: H.R.

Nickname: Col. Jessup

People Say: Strong employee advocate. Not warm. Nor fuzzy.

Can Be Found: All out sprinting at treadmill desk

Brings to Company: Midwest common-sense. Decent benefits. Death stare.

Tells the Team: “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Nobody Knows: Zero military background. Just winters in Duluth.

Name: Tødø Nühtkaƶé

Title/Dept: I.T.

Nickname: It

People Say: Albanian? Croatian?

Can Be Found: Two places at same time

Brings to Company: Network stability. Data integrity. Temporal displacement.

Tells the Team: Chirps, clicks, hoots — some real funky noise

Nobody Knows: A lot

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