Thoughts from a Skull*

(*working title)

Dear Medium,

I wanted to shoot you a little note. I’ve been thinking about something and thought it was the right time to share.

My avatar hole was getting kinda stuffy, so I’m sitting out here with my laptop on your main page. It’s nice just to roam around your web pages. It reminds me of that movie Tron but much, much less exciting.

Ya know, you really ought to consider coding a nice, roomy writing area for folks who like to get out and congregate. It could be like a hostel but without the weird smells or thick hair on the shower wall.

But that’s not what I’m writing to you about.

I should intro myself: I’m Roy. I appear on Medium as a skeleton with sunglasses and a Minecraft bucket hat.

Whuut, you ask?

Well, the short story is my daughter was afraid of a 3-D skeleton I bought to help teach her anatomy (scaring education into your kids is what you do, right?). The bony-statue would keep her awake at night, so she took matters into her own hands and accessorized. Problem solved.

I took her idea, made a Medium avatar and now consider myself the serious but whimsical educator.

Just go with it.

But that’s not what I’m writing to you about.

I was a little sad last week because I submitted some of my work to Highlights magazine and was rejected. I’d written a cute kids story inspired by Night at the Museum, but in my version, three orphans are trapped in a shopping mall at night and all the store mannequins come alive, even the ones without heads or arms. The idea must have been too progressive. They mailed me back the manuscript with a big ‘X’ scrawled on each page. Bummer. I really worked hard on those illustrations.

But that’s not what I’m writing to you about.

I want to ask a favor.

You know how you guys pick stories to feature on your main pages? You probably go through lots of posts, right? I’m sure you can’t get to everyone because Medium has — what — four-hundred users? Five?

Anyway, I know all stories can’t be “handpicked”, but maybe — just maybe — you can click the heart on stories you read that don’t get selected. It’s pretty easy.


I actually didn’t click a heart just then. I used asterisks and italicized letters to suggest I did. Did you pick up on that?

And while you’re at it, maybe you can leave random comments on random writers’ posts too — randomly! Something encouraging like -

Hey, Mel — I read this and thought it was funny. Thanks for being a Medium user and sharing your work with us!


Wow, Eleanor! I could really relate to this story!

Make sure to use exclamation points! They tell people you’re super excited and it adds pop to your personality. (Not that you have a drab personality, but some techies I know let an addiction to caffeine and hyper-efficiency override their innate desire as caring humans to provide sincere, genuine feedback. I’m sure that doesn’t describe you. Unless you believe it does. But it couldn’t possibly. Or mayhaps …)

It would be pretty dang motivational getting recognition from the Medium staff out to the masses. When I get positive feedback from my Medium friends, it makes me want to write more. It also drives me to be a better writer.

Think about what y’all could do by igniting a little spark of encouragement!

It’s the best part of Medium, isn’t it — giving writers a reason to write?

I know it is for me.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for considering.

Sooo it’s summer now. Have any plans?

If not, why not swing by my place. I’ll cook up some beans and cut up some watermelon. I’ll even introduce you to a game called cornhole. That may sound dirty, but it’s not. It’s Midwestern.

Let Ev know he can go first.